Research Affiliate Program

The Research Affiliate Program (RAP) is designed specifically to recruit post-secondary students on a part-time basis throughout the year. It is for students who require experience in research related to their degree program. RAP students give you the opportunity to bring new energy and a new perspective to your research project.

RAP matches a student's specific research interests with ongoing projects being conducted by federal organizations. Under RAP, the research project to which the student is assigned must be related to his or her current degree program and must help the student develop specific knowledge and research skills, including design, execution and evaluation.

To hire students through the RAP, please follow these steps:

  • Complete a RAP Job Posting Request and submit it to the PSC by e-mail at
  • The PSC will review the request, create a draft advertisement for your approval and post it on the Web site for five working days.
  • The PSC will refer all of the applicants to you for further assessment; on completion of the assessment, you make the appointment.