Federal Student Work Experience Program

Note: The next campaign will launch in January 2017. The current inventory is still available for referrals.

Through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), federal organizations can:

  • recruit secondary school, CEGEP, college, technical institute and university students for temporary jobs;
  • hire high school and university students from more than 350 disciplines;
  • hire students for temporary jobs all year round;
  • continue to re-employ students (one academic term at a time) for as long as they remain eligible under the program, by completing and submitting a request for re-employment;
  • hire the student into determinate or indeterminate positions when their academic studies have been completed;
  • benefit from students' high energy and their knowledge of, and fascination with, new technologies and familiarity with current and innovative ideas; and
  • Increase the representativeness of your workforce by considering students who belong to one or more of the designated employment equity groups.

Recruitment options

Whether you're looking for summer or part-time students, you have the following options:

Hire a new student

  • Complete and submit an FSWEP Request for Referrals.
  • You will receive a list of approximately five students per position, whom you must contact and assess.
  • Request proof of full-time student status and citizenship.
  • Assess the referred candidates by phone or in person.
  • Determine the student's rate of pay based on the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students.
  • Make the offer(s) of employment.
  • Document your staffing file.
  • Complete the referral results form and submit it to the Public Service Commission (PSC).
  • Inform all referred candidates of the final results of the process.
  • Develop a mandatory learning plan (models available in Appendices B and C of the Student Employment Policy).

Re-employ a student

Follow this simple six-step process to re-employ a student.

Hire from your departmental program

Is your organization a participant in FSWEP? See what departmental programs are currently available.

Security Inventory

This year we have an additional FSWEP inventory to staff FSWEP student positions in the field of security across the Government of Canada.

Students hired under this program will work in collaboration with employees within a departmental or agency security program to support their programs and activities in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • Physical security
    • Provide assistance to employees, visitors or the public.
    • Process requests for the client and perform other related duties, as assigned by the security management team.
    • Assist the security team in delivering physical security-related duties.
  • Security screening
    • Assist in the protection of the Government of Canada’s sensitive information and assets.
    • Assist in the security screening process.
    • Assist in providing security assessments and briefings.
  • Business continuity
    • Assist in ensuring the continued delivery of government services through business continuity planning and support critical service delivery.
  • Emergency management
    • Support the principles of prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response to emergencies by establishing related planning, testing, maintenance and implementation.
    • Assist in the monitoring of potential emergencies, response to an emergency and conduct research.

To hire from the security inventory, select Reference number: PCO15J-007018-001064.

For more information, contact your nearest PSC office.