Federal Student Work Experience Program


  • The next campaign will launch in January 2017.
  • The current inventory is still available for referrals.
  • New departmental programs and career stream inventories are now available. See below for more information.

Through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), federal organizations can:

  • recruit secondary school, CEGEP, college, technical institute and university students for temporary jobs;
  • hire high school and university students from more than 350 disciplines;
  • hire students for temporary jobs all year round;
  • continue to re-employ students (one academic term at a time) for as long as they remain eligible under the program, by completing and submitting a request for re-employment;
  • hire the student into determinate or indeterminate positions when their academic studies have been completed;
  • benefit from students' high energy and their knowledge of, and fascination with, new technologies and familiarity with current and innovative ideas; and
  • increase the representativeness of your workforce by considering students who belong to one or more of the designated employment equity groups.

Recruitment options

Whether you're looking for summer or part-time students, you have the following options:

Hire a new student

  • Complete and submit an FSWEP Request for Referrals.
  • You will receive a list of approximately five students per position, whom you must contact and assess.
  • Request proof of full-time student status and citizenship.
  • Assess the referred candidates by phone or in person.
  • Determine the student's rate of pay based on the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students.
  • Make the offer(s) of employment.
  • Document your staffing file.
  • Complete the referral results form and submit it to the Public Service Commission (PSC).
  • Inform all referred candidates of the final results of the process.
  • Develop a mandatory learning plan (models available in Appendices B and C of the Student Employment Policy).

Re-employ a student

Follow this simple six-step process to re-employ a student.

Hire from your departmental program or one of the career stream inventories.

See what is currently available.

For more information, contact your nearest PSC office.