Public Service Commission Guide on Priority Administration

Note to readers

These pages are currently under review as per the changes identified in Letter to Heads of Human Resources 16-05.

General information

Part I - General information applicable to all priority entitlement types

Priority Entitlements

Part II - The Priority Entitlements

Chapter 1: Canadian Armed Forces Members Medically Released for Reasons Attributable to Service
Chapter 2: Surplus Employees
Chapter 3: Leave of Absence Returnees/Leave of Absence Replacements
Chapter 4: Persons Laid Off
Chapter 5: Employee who Becomes Disabled
Chapter 6: Canadian Armed Forces Members Released for Medical Reasons not Attributable to Service
Chapter 7: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Members Discharged for Medical Reasons
Chapter 8: Relocation of Spouse or Common-Law Partner
Chapter 9: Reinstatement to Original Level
Chapter 10: Surviving Spouse or Common-Law Partner