Public Service Commission Guide on Priority Administration

Note to readers

These pages are currently under review as per the changes identified in Letter to Heads of Human Resources 16-05.

Important notice: The PSC Guide on Priority Administration is an “evergreen” document and will be updated periodically.  Refer to the PSC Web page on Priority Administration for the most recent version.

General information

Part I - General information applicable to all priority entitlement types

Priority Entitlements

Part II - The Priority Entitlements

Chapter 1: Canadian Armed Forces Members Medically Released for Reasons Attributable to Service
Chapter 2: Surplus Employees
Chapter 3: Leave of Absence Returnees/Leave of Absence Replacements
Chapter 4: Persons Laid Off
Chapter 5: Employee who Becomes Disabled
Chapter 6: Canadian Armed Forces Members Released for Medical Reasons not Attributable to Service
Chapter 7: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Members Discharged for Medical Reasons
Chapter 8: Relocation of Spouse or Common-Law Partner
Chapter 9: Reinstatement to Original Level
Chapter 10: Surviving Spouse or Common-Law Partner