Audio Transcript: Description of Level C

What does a performance that falls within the range of a level C actually mean?

Well, candidates must demonstrate an ability to:

  • Understand complex speech dealing with work-related topics, spoken in standard dialect and delivered at normal speed;
  • Give clear, detailed descriptions of complex topics and summarize a discussion;

  • Express and sustain opinions and respond to complex and hypothetical questions.

The level C candidate has:

  • A fairly natural and even delivery. There are occasional hesitations, but most of these are for ideas;
  • The candidate has knowledge of a broad range of vocabulary and structures when talking about complex and abstract topics, with a relatively high degree of control. The candidate makes errors, but these rarely lead to misunderstanding; and
  • Clear pronunciation, even if an accent from another language is noticeable. Occasional mispronunciations occur, but these rarely interfere with communication.

Now listen to audio excerpts of interviews of level C candidates.

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