Public Service Staffing Tribunal

The Public Service Staffing Tribunal (PSST) is a new independent administrative tribunal which has been established under the new Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) to deal with complaints related to internal appointments, lay-offs, revocation of internal appointments, and appointments made or proposed as a result of the implementation of corrective action.

The PSEA identifies the Public Service Commission (PSC) as one of the parties which may intervene in a complaint.

The Public Service Commission's role

  • As part of its role in safeguarding the integrity of the public service staffing system, the PSC may intervene in staffing complaints in order to protect its policies and ensure that any instances of abuse of authority are appropriately dealt with.
  • The PSC:
    • receives a copy of every complaint filed with the PSST; and
    • then decides whether or not to be heard by the PSST on issues raised in the complaint.

Note: Please send any requests for general information, or any material intended for the PSC as a party to a complaint, to:

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