Appointment Policy Considerations

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Area of Selection

In making a decision on area of selection, deputy heads may want to consider that:

  • Human resource plans for meeting present and future needs through measures such as nurturing talent from within and recruiting talent from outside the public service will help identify an appropriate area of selection.
  • In an advertised process, the intent is to provide a sufficient number of persons to allow a manager to identify a qualified person.
  • In a non-advertised process, the intent is to provide information about the appointment for recourse purposes to those who would reasonably be expected to be interested in the appointment opportunity.
  • Outlining the circumstances under which the organization would limit the area of selection to members of designated groups in the organization's Area of Selection policy respects the guiding values of fairness, transparency, access and representativeness.
  • Establishing different geographic, organizational or occupational criteria for designated groups can result in increased numbers of designated group members participating in the appointment process.
  • Policies established by the employer relating to matters such as travel, relocation and telework must be respected.