Strategic Consultants

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has a team of Strategic Staffing Consultants who provide advice and interpretation regarding the PSC Appointment Framework and related tools including:

  • The Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) and associated regulations;
  • The PSC's appointment policies and related guidance documents;
  • Staffing delegation and accountability agreements;
  • Selection for retention or lay-off; and
  • Other services may be available upon request.

Strategic Staffing Consultants work within the HR community and with Federal Regional Councils through an assigned portfolio. We encourage managers and employees to contact their internal Human Resources personnel, and union representatives to contact the National Component, before contacting a PSC Strategic Staffing Consultant.

Enquiries on matters that do not fall under the PSEA, such as the Work Force Adjustment Directive, alternation, retraining, salary protection, relocation, transition support measures, collective agreements (including compensation and leave) and classification of positions, should, as appropriate, be directed to:

  • Your human resources advisor;
  • Your manager;
  • Your union representative; and/or
  • The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

List of Public Service Commission Strategic Consultants

Public Service Commission Strategic Consultants
Consultant name and e-mail address Telephone number Facsimile number
Daniel Harnois 514-496-6086 514-283-2765
Yannick Fortin 819-420-6507 819-420-8953
Lise Lanthier 819-420-6508 819-420-8953
Ruth Thomas-Girard 416-973-5687 416-973-6569
Martin Gangur 819-420-6736 819-420-8953