Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities – A Literature Review (11-09)


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Contact Person: Lorraine Joanisse, Manager, Equity and Diversity
Tel: 613-992-4818

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is concerned that for persons with disabilities, the percentage of applicants and their share of appointments to the public service have been below their workforce availability for a number of years.

The PSC has recently completed a literature review on the recruitment of persons with disabilities, which is now available on the PSC Web site. It contains examples of effective strategies, practices, tools, resources and a bibliography of useful references to assist departments and agencies in tapping into this talented labour pool.

The PSC is interested in obtaining feedback from departments and agencies regarding their efforts and initiatives, challenges and successes in the recruitment and retention of persons with disabilities.

For further information or to submit your input, please contact Lorraine Joanisse, Manager, Equity and Diversity, at or by phone at 613-992-4818.

Paula Green
Director General
Equity and Diversity Directorate