Sample letter Surviving Spouse or Common-law Partner of Employees and Members of the Canadian Forces and of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police -
Death AFTER MAY 12, 2010

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The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) amended the Public Service Employment Regulations to establish a new priority entitlement for the surviving spouses or common-law partners of persons whose death is attributable to the performance of duties.

As the surviving spouse or common-law partner of (NAME OF THE PERSON) who was employed in the Canadian Forces / Royal Canadian Mounted Police / Public Service of Canada and whose death on (DATE OF DEATH) was attributable to the performance of duties, you are entitled to be considered in priority to any position that is open to the general public in an organization of the public service that is governed by the Public Service Employment Act. Should you meet the qualifications required for the position, you will be appointed ahead of all others, with certain limited exceptions.

In order to be entitled to the priority for surviving spouses or common-law partners, you must:

  • Not be a person who is already employed for an indeterminate period in an organization of the public service at the time you make the request;
  • Have qualified for survivors’ benefits under any federally or provincially legislated plan as a result of the death of the person that is attributable to the performance of duties; and
  • Make a request within two years from the date on which you qualified for compensation (INDICATE DATES IN BRACKETS).

Once you have informed us in writing about your interest in requesting this priority entitlement, you will be registered in the PSC's Priority Information Management System for referral to positions open to the general public for which you may be qualified. Once the PSC receives your application from (NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION), it will contact you to complete the registration process initiated by our organization.

Should you be interested in benefitting from this priority entitlement, please send your request to (NAME OF ORGANIZATIONAL CONTACT AND COORDINATES), along with a copy of your résumé.

We have included a FAQ sheet that will provide you with further details on this priority entitlement. Should you have any additional questions, you may contact (NAME OF ORGANIZATIONAL CONTACT) at (INDICATE e-mail and/or phone number).