Public Service Commission SmartShops 2008 (08-09)


The Public Service Commission has moved since this document was first published and therefore the address and telephone numbers indicated may no longer be accurate. Please consult the Contact Us page for up-to-date contact information.


Contact persons: Don Ruggles at 613-992-2760 and Strategic Consultants

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is launching the PSC SmartShop program for the period of April to June, 2008.

The PSC is committed to supporting organizations as they manage their delegated responsibilities. To sustain the momentum for the implementation of the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA), the PSC is continuing its delivery of SmartShop information sessions to inform managers and human resources specialists about the flexibilities of the PSEA.

The SmartShop sessions to be delivered are the following:

  • Determining the "Right Fit";
  • E-Staffing Now - The Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS);
  • Political Activities; and
  • Priority Administration - Priority Information Management System (PIMS).

The SmartShop on Determining the "Right Fit" will give participants the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the flexibilities of the PSEA and the PSC Appointment Framework related to selecting the right person for appointment. This interactive session will use exercises through group discussions and plenary to clarify the application of the legislation and appointment policies.

The "E-Staffing Now" SmartShop will provide information on the PSRS screening features. The objective is to provide participants with a better understanding of how these features can be used to effectively manage recruitment processes. A demonstration of PSRS and an interactive exercise will follow the presentation.

The SmartShop on Political Activities will focus on the rights and responsibilities of federal public servants related to political activities as defined in the PSEA. Important aspects of political activities, including electoral candidacy and the PSC's investigative process, will be discussed.

The Priority Administration SmartShop is divided into two sessions. Part 1 will provide an overview of the priority entitlements and how they are administered by the PSC as well as the roles and responsibilities of both home and hiring organizations. Part 2 will include a live demonstration of PIMS to explain how to register priority persons, request clearance and provide feedback on priority persons who have been referred.

The SmartShops will be held in the following locations: St. John's (English); Charlottetown (English); Halifax (English); Moncton (English and French); Québec City (French); Montréal (English and French); National Capital Region (English and French); Toronto (English); Winnipeg (English); Regina (English); Edmonton (English); Vancouver (English) and Victoria (English).

To minimize travel for regional employees and cover several topics at one time, a full day of SmartShops may be organized in certain locations.

For more detailed information including dates and registration procedures, please see the SmartShop 2008-2009 Web site. For any additional clarification, please contact the PSC Strategic Consultant responsible for your organization.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Ste-Marie
Senior Vice-President
Policy Branch

c.c: Chiefs of Staffing