Political Activities Investigations

Under the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) the Public Service Commission (PSC) has a role in overseeing the political impartiality of the federal public service. The PSC can investigate allegations of improper political activities by employees and deputy heads.

About the Investigations Branch

The PSC's IB receives allegations of improper political activities by public servants, determines if an investigation will be initiated and conducts the investigation.

The IB staff has expertise in the public service system and knowledge of public service organizations. Investigations are conducted in a timely manner, using fair and thorough techniques to produce clear and concise reports.

Submitting an allegation

Allegations of improper political activity concerning an employee or a deputy head may be submitted in any format to the office below. The information should indicate the name and address of the person submitting the allegation, the name and department of the person against whom the allegation is made and a description of the alleged contravention.

Director's Office
Jurisdiction Directorate
Investigations Branch
Public Service Commission
22 Eddy Street
Gatineau Qu├ębec K1A 0M7

Telephone: 819-420-8924
Facsimile: 819-420-8801
E-mail: CFP.Enquetes-Investigations.PSC@cfp-psc.gc.ca

Political Activities Regulations

The Public Service Commission, pursuant to section 22 of the Public Service Employment Act has made Regulations concerning political activities of public servants. These Regulations provide information on requesting permission to seek nomination as a candidate in elections and the time periods involved. These Regulations also provide information on the time frame for submitting allegations of improper political activities, the format of the allegation, the investigation and disclosure of information obtained in the conduct of an investigation.

Other Information About Political Activities

For other information about political activities (general information, guides, how to request leave to be a candidate) please consult the Political Activities section of the PSC website.