Welcome to the Public Service Commission of Canada

Understanding the Public Service Entrance Exam suite of products
The Public Service Entrance Exam is a suite of unsupervised and supervised tests, for assessing Reasoning and Judgement. These tests are now available to assess candidates for entry-level officer positions in the federal public service.

Bill C-520 – An Act supporting non-partisan Agents of Parliament
The Public Service Commission (PSC) is a resource for both Parliament and the government on matters related to safeguarding the merit principle and the non-partisanship of the public service. In this context, the PSC developed this document with the goal of contributing constructively to Parliament's study of Bill C-520.

Political Activities Video – Candidacy Process
Are you thinking of becoming a candidate in a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal election? Remember federal public service employees must first request and obtain permission from the Public Service Commission. The following video explains the process.

Staffing Management Accountability Framework
The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) has introduced a more focussed Staffing Management Accountability Framework. It sets clear expectations of how delegated staffing authority should be managed and will serve as a more meaningful management tool for organizations. This enhanced guidance will support organizations in their ongoing improvement of staffing management and performance.

Workforce management
Information about selection for retention or lay-off, staffing and assessment services and priority administration.