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François Couture - Secretary General

Hospitality Expenses (December 1, 2011 - February 28, 2012)
  Date Number Of Guests - Federal Employee 1 Number Of Guests - External to Federal Purpose Guest Type Location2 Amount3
1 2012-01-26 4 10 Visit by a Delegation from the Ukraine E, A NCR - L'Esplanade Laurier $328.83
Totals              $328.83

The Secretary General meets with Parliamentarians (P), Senior officials of government department and agencies (G), External Advisors (A), Employees of the Public Service Commission (E), and Representatives of other organizations (O).


  1. Number of guests for federal employees includes François Couture
  2. Under "location" column, NCR = National Capital Region
  3. Amountss include tax when applicable
  4. Amounts to be added to previous disclosure for same date and Purpose